Justin Matthews AAPS LAPS

G'day, I'm Justin Matthews and I'm one of the lucky ones, someone who has been able to turn my passion into my career. I'm incredibly thankful for the experiences I've gained along the way. Sometimes I have to tell myself to just drop the camera and soak in what surrounds me, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to share with you the things that are in my head. 

So, a little about me. I've been in the industry for over twenty years and a member with honours and awards of the Australian Photographic Society and the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. I started my career with Channel 7 Melbourne as a Camera Operator and Lighting Assistant/Director, working on many different TV programs such as Blue Heelers and Full Frontal. I've also been lucky enough to work with many National and International Celebrities. 

After leaving Channel 7 I had a few fantastic years working as Melbourne Airports Audio/Visual Officer and in house Photographer, but with a lot of backing from clients I decided that it was time to open my own business and shoot for my clients, my way. 

So here we are, many years later and still going strong. Since then I have helped many businesses with their Ad campaigns, produced strong portfolios for Models and Actors, created beautiful images for couples and helped woman and their partners to see the beauty in themselves through boudoir photography.   

I hope that you enjoy the images on my little corner of the internet and look forward to hearing from you soon.